Software Development is Magic

First of a series of receipes. Putting your project under source control with GitHub.

Eric M. Baumel


April 21, 2023

by Eric M. Baumel

Software Development is Magic

Developers are magicians Asking sand to do their bidding

You speak aloud your desire (or type, or click) and it is made manifest The right spell and you house lights up when it’s dark The right spell and you house cools down when the outside world is hot The correct spell and money moves accounts and (hopefully) makes you even more money

These are the spells that magicians have crafted so that non magicians can indirectly ask Sand to grant their desires

The magicians themselves know that you have to be very careful what you wish for The Sand is a fickle genie A mis-cast spell can have consequences

We call objects into being by calling them by a name Give them inheritance, properties and bilities

But like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, we can create magic beyond our ability to control.

A little humility And an understanding that our spells can have consequences Is what separates a true wizard from an acolyte

Remember to be careful what you wish for